Kutta Radios

Kutta Radios provides next-generation medium frequency radios to mine operators as a reliable, cost-effective solution to communication and tracking needs. Kutta DRUM® radios use cables, wires, tracks, and pipes to create survivable, redundant communication paths underground that extend for miles. The DRUM® is a wireless medium frequency radio system that works whether mine power is on or off, post-incident, and even through obstructions.

Innovative, Reliable
and Trusted

Complete installation of the DRUM® system can be achieved in a matter of hours, and offers mine operators the lowest cost-per-foot of any communication system on the market. The Kutta DRUM® radios fulfill the MINER Act requirement for a redundant, secondary, wireless communication system, and are Part 23 certified by MSHA.

The DRUM® functions as an emergency backup communication system in large mines, and can be used as an inexpensive primary communication system in medium and small mines. Since all DRUM® products use current mine infrastructure (pipes, leaky feeder cables, tracks, wire-core lifelines, etc.) to carry data, no expensive installations are required.