Personal Flight Data Recorder with Display (PFDR-D)

Originally funded by the United States Air Force Flight and Naval Flight Training Schools at Edwards Air Force Base to improve flight-test techniques, Kutta's portable PFDR-D provides flight data, video, and voice recording capability within a non-instrumented cockpit. The sensor consists of a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis rate gyro, 3-axis magnetometer and an integrated WAAS GPS receiver—all fused together via Kutta's unique Kalman filter. The innovative housing design easily attaches to any aircraft via a quick-release Dzus rail mounted system or Velcro. 
Another unique feature of the PFDR-D is that it does not connect to any onboard avionics or electrical power equipment. The device self-calibrates and aligns internal sensors so it can be mounted in any orientation within the cockpit. The light-weight knee-board display device provides an intuitive real-time monitoring of user-defined flight parameters as well as the video, voice recording and flight test events/hacks. All flight data is recorded in a tab-delimited file for easy post flight analysis within Excel or Matlab. The video contains voice recording and pertinent data parameters (e.g. WAAS GPS position, IRIG Time, pitch, roll, yaw, and body-axis acceleration data, and flight test events). This technology is all made possible by Kutta's innovative Kalman filter design and efficient sensor-fusion pack—all self-contained in a rugged eight-ounce aluminum housing.

PFDR-D Flight Bag

The PFDR-D flight bag holds all parts to the PFDR-D for quick inventory purposes to ensure no foreign objects are left behind after the flight.